Many other consultants only have experience with the application process with no hands-on knowledge of the operations. Our team of cannabis licensing consultants has been involved with the regulated cannabis industry since the MMPR license, which marked the beginning of commercialization. Our experience includes applications as far back as the MMPR license, the more recent ACMPR license and the current Cannabis Regulations with a 0% rejection rate. Our team of cannabis licensing consultants comes with hands on knowledge of setting up licensed producers post construction and have successfully obtained the required licenses for a Licensed Producers.

In order to successfully obtain cannabis licenses, expertise is required in many areas including the Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Regulation; provincial and territorial legislation and municipal by-laws; Fertilizers Act, Pest Control Products Act, Food and Drugs Act, all of which are required for a compliant facility for good standing with Health Canada.

Expertise is also required in operations in order to install equipment, verify ancillary systems, and purchase adequate personal protective equipment, cleaning agents and supplies amongst other things.