Micro-Cultivation License

Micro-cultivators can be seen as mini standard cultivators. Holding a micro-cultivation licence allows for the capability to perform all authorized activities specified by the licence, under the same regimen as a standard cultivator. Although, a micro-cultivation licence comes with a single constraint. Health Canada micro cultivation license is a great starting point for an entry level license into the cannabis space. This license will allow you to sell cannabis plants and seeds to all business channels including other license holders, retailers and the provinces for recreational use (same as standard cultivation). The Micro Cultivation License permits 200 square metres of canopy space (around 2152 square feet), and it can be either indoors or outdoors. The advantage to a micro cultivation is lower start-up costs.

In order to sell dried or fresh cannabis, you will require a sales license. In order to supply cannabis oil to the provincial retail supply chains, a Micro Cultivator would also need to submit for a Micro-Processor License. Canwis will provide our clients with a foundation of best practices for them to adopt for their operations, including cultivation, quality assurance and processing. Besides reviewing the technical documentation pertaining to the operation, Health Canada is also reviewing an applicant’s business plan and financial model. Canwis will set up your entire quality systems (SOP’s, batch records, in-process checks) and train all your personnel to ensure a cultivation license is obtained from Health Canada in a timely manner.

Canwis cannabis consultants’ skill set to prepare a compliant application:

  • Facility design

  • Site and physical security design

  • Federal Acts and Regulations

  • Municipal requirements

  • Cultivation of cannabis

  • Inventory control software

  • Standard Operating Procedures, batch records and in-process quality control logs

  • Good production practices – cannabis compliance

  • Submit application within Health Canada’s Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS)


A licensed micro-cultivator has the ability to

(1) create a small family business;

(2) build a facility on a small plot of land;

(3) be operable with a decreased utility load;

(4) get small players into the market who wish to become a part of the market;

(5) benefit from decreased security requirements;

(6) bring in cannabis plants and cannabis plant seeds into the operation that have not been attained under the former or upcoming regulations;

(7) be able to tie into other licence classes on the same site, giving the holder flexibility, among other cultivators of this class, in the competitive market.